Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds Fireball

Werner Herzog Clive Oppenheimer

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Alive with jaw-dropping,
soul-stirring beauty.

The Hollywood Reporter

Since before we existed,
meteors have haunted our planet.

Over billions of years, extraterrestrial bombardments have reshaped the very nature of our planet, causing species to perish or flourish — and perhaps even seeding the initial building blocks for life on Earth. Today we can still hear the echo of these meteor impacts, ringing through culture, mythology, and scientific research. Fireball takes viewers into the mystery at the heart of these fallen stones, exploring their origins and their impacts on civilization.

Note: The film’s world premiere was on September 10, 2020 at the Toronto International Film Festival. Fireball will be available worldwide on Apple’s streaming service in November.


Executive Producers

  • Greg Boustead

  • Jessica Harrop

  • Richard Melman


  • Lucki Stipetic

  • André Singer