Nocturnes Nocturnes

  • Anupama Srinivasan
  • Anirban Dutta
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In the dense forests of the Eastern Himalayas, moths are whispering something to us.

In the dark of night, two curious observers shine a light on this secret universe. Together, they are on an expedition to decode these nocturnal creatures in a remote ecological “hot spot” on the border of India and Bhutan. The result is a deeply immersive film that transports audiences to a rarely-seen place and urges us all to look more closely at the hidden interconnections of the natural world.

Note: Nocturnes will have its World Premiere at 2024 Sundance Film Festival on Monday, January 22. (Click here to see screening times and pass options.)


Executive Producers

  • Greg Boustead

  • Jessica Harrop


  • Anirban Dutta

Director of Photography

  • Satya Rai Nagpaul


  • YaĆ«l Bitton


  • Nainita Desai